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Determinants of a successful return to work among persons with common mental disorders: a mixed-methods-follow-up-study (Project 2b)

Project number: F 2386 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) / e-fect dialog evaluation consulting eG Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2020-02-29


The return to work (RTW) process of people with common mental disorders is a complex multifactorial process. To date, the evidence is still lacking in terms of disease-related, individual and work-related factors that predict a successful and sustainable return to work among employees with a common mental disorder.

The planned mixed methods follow up study aims at investigating comprehensively the full return to work process on the threshold between medical system and workplace. The quantitative survey measures the effect of individual and work-related factors on return to work, whereas the qualitative part of the study explores extensively by interviews how these factors affect the RTW-experience, behavior and reaction of employees with a common mental disorder.

The mixed methods study is the second part of a bundle of research projects entitled "Mental disorders in the workplace and return to work". The main goal of the bundle is to describe the situation of employees with common mental disorders and to provide work-oriented suggestions for primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention as well as an improved RTW-process in Germany.



Unit 3.3 "Evidence-based Occupational Health, Workplace Health Management"

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