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Work-related risk factors for early retirement in Germany - Analysis of the SHIP Study data

Project number: F 2382 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2017-12-31


The working population in Germany has been ageing continuously for years. Efforts have been made to tap the full potential of the work force. But ageing workers have a high risk of work incapacity and early withdrawal from the labour market. These risks are of high relevancy for economic and social policy; it is therefore important to identify risk factors and risk groups of early retirement. The causes of early retirement are manifold and work related factors can be a part of them. In Germany, there are no studies that differentiate between different pathways of early retirement even though they are necessary to obtain information on the magnitude of work factors’ influences on labour market participation.

This project looks at the question of which work related factors may influence risk of early retirement in the German population. Besides disability pension, it will also consider early retirement through other pathways. It is based on the "Study of Health in Pomerania" (SHIP) data. The question on the reason of early retirement is part of the study interview, as are questions on work factors. In particular, the associations of early retirement with physically hard work, noise, chemical hazards, dust, whole-body vibration, partial body vibration of arm and hand, shift work and computer work will be focussed on, for both disability pensioning as well as for early retirement for other reasons. The analyses will include variables on family status, socio-economic position and health.


Unit 3.2 "Statistical Methods in Epidemiology and Biometrics"

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