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Team-Mental-Models in Human-Robot-Teams: Application Scenarios and State of Technology

Project number: F 2369 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) / HFC Human-Factors-Consult GmbH Status: Completed Project


The increasing interaction between humans and robots leads to an increase in the variability of work systems and forms of work. Compared to classical industrial robots, new collaborative robot systems allow for example for a direct interaction between human and robot in a shared work environment. This results in a broad range of possible interactions between humans and robots in diverse fields of application. A systematical consideration of the specific changes in micro-, meso- and macro-level is necessary to fully use the potential for a provident, humane work design and to reduce possible risks.

The project “team mental models in human-robot teams” consists of three partial projects. The first one comprises the development of a higher level taxonomy of human-robot interaction with respect to the current and future technological possibilities. In parts two and three of the project ethical, sociological and legal principles of human-robot interaction are analyzed. The results are supposed to contribute to the formation of a conceptual framework for different forms of human-robot interaction.


Unit 2.3 "Human Factors, Ergonomics"

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