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Mental health in the working world - determining the current state of scientific evidence

Project number: F 2353 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Completed Project


The research project "Mental health in the working world" aims to produce a broad and scientifically sound assessment with regard to the subject area of mental loads in the working environment. The focus is to further increase the objectivity in the sociopolitical and regulatory debate and to represent the current state of scientific knowledge to allow timely policy development. Here, not only potential hazards but also personality- and health-promoting features will be considered in accordance with the overall concept of humane work design. The project is intended to provide information on how mental load factors and resources are to be evaluated with regard to the current state of scientific knowledge, what new work requirements result from changes in the working world, and what gaps exist in knowledge on new load constellations. Furthermore, the resulting work design knowledge available for this purpose is also to be identified. With regard to the mental load factors and resources in the working environment, scientific review papers will be prepared. Expert reports will be commissioned in subject areas for which relatively few studies are available, although these areas are highly relevant to the subject matter, such that the review papers would not be sufficiently productive. The findings will be published extensively. High-priority research questions will be addressed and medium- and long-term research questions will form a future research agenda. In addition to reaching a fundamental understanding of objectives, priorities and measures, operational recommendations for adequate regulatory instruments are also to be explored in close cooperation with the BMAS, such as concrete connecting factors for regulation within the frame-work of the work of state committees or focal areas for action for supervisors within the framework of the Joint German Occupational Safety and Health Strategy.




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