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Development and piloting of training tools for middle managers and employee representatives to support successful restructuring

Project number: F 2340 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Completed Project


Organisational restructurings - impacting both, the enterprises organisational and operational structures - are quite common and undertaken more and more dynamically. Succeeding in change management is crucial for the organisations success and against the background of global competition sometimes even for their survival. Change implies chances for more organisational efficiency and success yet it is also related to resistance and frictional losses. From the employees perspective restructuring often goes along with more workload and increased demands. More uncertainty and the mentioned changes in working conditions are often associated with negative impacts on work attitudes, on work behaviour or well-being / health.

Middle managers and employee representatives are key groups in the course of the restructurings. Although they are also often highly strained, they are responsible for advancing and pushing the changes but they are also in charge of mitigating emerging negative outcomes for the employees. However, they are not or insufficiently prepared for these specific and important tasks.

Our project will close the existing gap by providing, testing and empirically evaluating training tools for both middle managers and employee representatives.


Unit 1.1 "Changing World of Work"

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