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Opportunities and risks of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) from a safety point of view

Project number: F 2322 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Ongoing Project Planned end: 2020-05-30


The use of autonomous miniaturized electronic systems is increasing rapidly in the area of security technology. This combination of Ambient Intelligence and security technology can already be found in many practical applications. Examples are RFIDradio-frequency identification-equipped personal protective equipment, area protection with body-worn RFID-transmitters or systems for personal identification as well as management of maintenance activities using data collection and storage. As a research and development topic, it is currently one of the important focal points, because besides enhancement of effectiveness and flexibility, an increase in operational safety can be achieved. The thus developed AmI-based security systems provide a new form of security technology.

Besides the obvious benefits and basic potentials of these technologies, the associated risks have to be examined and the limits of applicability to be determined. This project bundle outlines three basic areas of activity, that are examining the fundamental opportunities and risks of these new systems and the requirements for AmI-enabling technologies. Furthermore, future application fields of AmI-based security technology and job assistance will be evaluated.

Each of these three fields of activity is stepped down to one project at the start of the project bundle. Later on, the initiation of further projects on these three areas of activity is planned. The first project focuses on the holistic risk assessment of AmI-based security technology. It should be clarified, whether there are new endangerments through the use of these technologies and how these can be assessed. In addition, the security of ambient systems themselves will be evaluated by the use of case examples and it will be examined, how far such solutions bring a real gain in security in comparison with inherently safe design.

The second project focuses on the identification and assessment of operating conditions and applications for the outstanding key technology of person recognition. Based on laboratory testing, cooperation with researchers and manufacturers of these systems and a derived technology-application-array, a security-requirement based operations-concept for person recognition systems will be developed. Thus, the possibilities of application can be shown for basically distinguishable technologies.

Third, the potential of AmI to assess and limit endangerments in the design and development phase of work equipment are worked out. A feasibility study will examine the opportunities and the necessary expenses of intelligent computer-aided methods of risk assessment for virtual models.


Unit 2.4 "Workplaces, Safety of Machinery, Operational Safety"

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