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Decision-making aids for acquiring products conforming with health and safety and usability - III.2 "Guideline for purchasing usable operating software"

Project number: F 2294 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Completed Project


The project is initiated based on many requests and identified problems concerning the ergonomics of operating software. If the current business experience with purchasing and introducing software, which is often customized, is examined, you notice that the questions of software engineering play a secondary role. One reason for it is the lacking consciousness for the fact that software engineering also represents an aspect of health and safety at work. By means of an understandable and practical booklet with adequate tools and approaches a helpful tool has been made available for the companies. So they are able to purchase and introduce an operating software according to the software engineering requirements.


Unit 2.2 "Physical Agents"

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