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Assessing the health status of young employees by implementing an additional questioning module into the BIBB/BAuA-employees survey

Project number: F 2275 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Completed Project


Young employees are mostly considered as a predominantly healthy group while in reality and according to the DGB-Index Good Work, only 14% of the age group in employment is able to report on not being regularly affected by health problems. Possible explanations are on the hand that young employees often face working conditions (54% in short-term contracts, mini-jobs, temporary employment and/or the low-wage sector as per DGB-Index) that can be harmful to their health and on the other hand a already deficient initial health condition that also affects the work health status.

Still, there is no survey-system or any other instruments in Germany aimed at giving detailed information about the health status of young people related to their working life and therefore no source that delivers information about the health problems that emerge among employees of this age group as well. However, information like this would be of utter importance to provide political decision makers with knowledge that could serve as a basis for developing prevention-strategies for the target group.

The present project aims at exploring this research deficit by telephone-interviewing the target group (CATI). In detail, an additional questioning module is to be integrated into the upcoming BIBB/BAuA-employees survey of 2011/2012 and an oversampling is to be used to attain a sample statistically representative in terms of age, sex and sector/occupation (2.000 young employees between 15-24 years).

As regards content, parts of those questions of the BIBB/BAuA-Survey that are relevant to young employees should be considered as well as new topics like, among others, the health status before entering the employment relationship as well as terminations of employment and vocational training and the underlying reasons.



Unit 3.5 "Evidence-based Occupational Health, Workplace Health Management"

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