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Substitution Support Portal - Moving Towards Safer Alternatives (Subsport)

Project number: F 2259 Institution: Behörde für Wissenschaft und Forschung der freien und Hansestadt Hamburg Status: Completed Project


The goal of the project is to develop an internet portal, which constitutes a state-of- the-art resource on safer alternatives to the use of hazardous chemicals. It should provide information on alternative substances and technologies, but also of tools and guidance for substance evaluation and substitution management. The project team understands "substitution of chemicals" as any innovation that leads to the replacement of a hazardous substance. The innovation can consist in the use of an alternative, less hazardous substance or in the use of another technology. The reduction of exposures to hazardous substance, e.g. by installing waste water treatment plants is not a substitution.

The portal should support companies in fulfilling substitution requirements of EU legislation, such as under the REACH authorization procedure, the Water Framework Directive or the Chemicals Agents Directive. Furthermore other stakeholders, such as authorities, NGOs or scientists will benefit from the portal depending on their roles, e.g. as promoters or pressure groups, researchers or decision makers. Due to the variety of target groups, the portal will provide specific access points to information (e.g. different levels of detail, adapted language, various navigation options).

In addition, the project aims to create a network of stakeholders active in substitution active in substitution that assists in the content development and promotion of the portal with regard to future users, information and tool providers as well as a sustainable update and maintenance. This will also be achieved by providing training on substitution methodology and alternatives assessment. It is to be noted that during the current project due to time and resource constraints, only exemplary information can be included in the portal and further work will be needed to make it comprehensive. Respective activities will be started during the project duration.



Unit 4.6 "Hazardous Substances Management"

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