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Rewarding and Sustainable health-promoting Leadership - RE-SU-LEAD

Project number: F 2199 Institution: Universität Leipzig, Institut für Psychologie II; Arbeits-und Organisationspsychologie Status: Completed Project


The study explores the role of leadership in relation to worker's psychological well-being with special consideration being given to the differences in leadership between three European countries, namely Finland, Germany and Sweden. The research project is a combination of a longitudinal and an intervention study, both conducted in a field setting. The longitudinal study should clarify and evaluate the causal chain between leadership and employee well-being. Based on this knowledge it is aimed to develop two tools for practical use: A screening tool for identifying of and a well evaluated intervention program to enhance (low) health-promoting-leadership behaviours. The intervention study targets the improvement of the leader-follower relationship using training on-the-job as a critical feature that distinguishes it from most other leadership training to date.


Unit 3.5 "Mental Workload"

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