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Climate at the workplace - practical measurements to verify simulation calculations and to draw up a practical aid for companies

Project number: F 2180 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Completed Project


Well-being in working rooms is influenced to a major degree by the climatic conditions in such rooms. Evaluation instruments recently published based on simulation calculations are intended to enable the user as early as the planning stage of working rooms to determine the comfort conditions which can be expected, and then to make changes where necessary to the spatial design and the technical facilities. There has, however, been a lack of on-site measurements to date to confirm agreement between the simulation calculations and the climatic conditions actually present in the working rooms. The aim of an internal research project is to conduct on-site measurements on room climate parameters in offices and to compare them with the existing simulation calculations in order to formulate recommendations for their use in the planning or new design of working rooms. A measuring regime must be drawn up to determine room climate parameters in offices and comparable working rooms as a function of the relevant heating system/room ventilation system. At the same time it is intended to take account of existing practical aids for the assessment of the room climate with reference to key physical variables.


Unit 2.4 "Workplaces, Safety of Machinery, Operational Safety"

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