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Need-related design and equipment of sanitation facilities at workplaces

Project number: F 2159 Institution: Institut für Arbeitsmedizin, Sicherheitstechnik und Ergonomie e.V. (ASER) an der Bergischen Universität Wuppertal Status: Completed Project


The design (e.g. the dimension of premises and number of toilets and washing facility) and equipment of sanitation facilities, whereby the main focus should be at washrooms, changing rooms and toilets, is currently regulated in following guidelines (called ASR): ASR 34/1-5, ASR 35/1-4, ASR 35/5 and ASR 37/1. Different studies and expert opinions attest that these guidelines are not conform to current requirements. Especially the overvalued needed number has a upper investment- and operating costs-level as a consequence and extra a failure of hygienic situation. Besides, there is a requirement for an accommodated dimensioning and appropriate equipment. With an exemplary and statistical proven survey in factories and establishments (e.g. different kinds of factories, workshops, assembly lines, shift operation, office buildings, providers in external work, nursing services, building yards, no construction sites) should be created a data basis for requirement-dependent design and equipment of sanitation facilities in workplaces.


Unit 2.4 "Workplaces, Safety of Machinery, Operational Safety"

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