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Strain in specimens of the lumbar spine during exposure with horizontal vibrations - invitro test aiming at a fatigue criterion in dependence on the age

Project number: F 2059 Institution: Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg - Institut für Biomechanik Status: Completed Project


After the implementation of the European direction 2002/44/EG into a national regulation, the importance of research work increase. Especially research results about the effects of horizontal vibration on the human vertebra are missing up to now. The action and limit values for the evaluation of an exposure duration of eight hours had no scientific basis. At present an evaluation of a stress-strain relationship during exposure to horizontal whole body vibration is not possible. The damaging mechanism possible for the disc and/or facet joints can not included in the risks assessment (ISO 2631-5). The work done in the projects F 1899 and F 2069 can be contribute to develop an experimental design for a successful risks assessment during effects of horizontal whole body vibration. These open questions can be found on the top of the international research priority lists because very often the eight hour vibration values exceed the limit values in the horizontal direction.


Unit 3.1 "Prevention of Work-related Diseases"

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