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Methods for testing the usability of products by European and international comparison

Project number: F 2048 Institution: Technische Universität Darmstadt - Institut für Arbeitswissenschaft (IAD) Status: Completed Project


The requirements of the European standards for the improvement of safety, health and well-being at the workplace gave reason for this project. These standards aim at a binding regulation with regards to the aims of the product design. Here, especially with regards to the design of products for people who are challenged in their physical abilities, like elderly or handicapped persons, special attention must be paid to the accessibility of these products so that any legal regulations are completely fulfilled. Based on these requirements, the ergonomic quality and the usability of products is investigated. In order to this, a quite extensive ergonomics-compendium is used that enables us to examine and assess various criteria of the product components. Up to now internationally established requirements and test methods are mostly used for the product-testing. For this reason the aim of this research project is to add the European / International criteria and test methods to the existing ergonomics-compendium and to compare them with each other.

The project results are to secure, to improve and to internationalize the qualitiy of the investigation of ergonomic criteria. Therefor our focus lies on international procedure instructions and procedure schedules, including the theoretical basics, that are to be incorporated into the test methods, test strategies and structures of the existing compendium.


Unit 2.3 "Human Factors, Ergonomics"

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