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Exposure to hazardous substances - part 4: Workers exposure during repair, maintenance and cleaning work done by service enterprises

Project number: F 2044 Institution: bregau mai GmbH - Messstelle im Arbeits- und Immissionsschutz Status: Completed Project


Workers exposure to hazardous substances is increased during repair, maintenance and cleaning work. Very often this work will be performed by special service enterprises. The qualification of the employees in these enterprises varies between expert knowledge and unskilled workers. In many cases the service enterprise co-operate on contract basis with different companies. So, the exposure to hazardous substance may change strongly. In this investigation workplace measurements will be performed to assess workers exposure to hazardous substances. Additionally, dermal exposure will be described. On the basis of the results found, protective measures criteria will be developed to decrease workers exposure to hazardous substances.


Unit 4.4 "Measurement of Hazardous Substances"

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