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Assessment of sensitivity and specifity of in vitro-methods for detection of chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity of nanomaterials and fine dust in context of regulatory toxicology (literature survey)

Project number: F 2043 Institution: Beratungsbüro für Risikoabschätzung - Dr. Markus Roller Status: Completed Project


In vitro-studies are discussed to substitute in vivo-studies because of lower costs, of shorter period of time and of animal welfare. This is also relevant for fine dusts, fibers and the whole variety of nanomaterials. Currently a lot of in vitro-data are generated, but a significant uncertainty surrounds the validity of these in vitro-data to predict effects in humans. As part of the project the published literature concerning fine dusts, fibers and nanomaterials has to be evaluated in order to describe the qualitative and quantitative predictivity of in vitro-methods as to cytotoxicity, inflammation, genotoxicity etc. on the basis of statistical parameters like sensitivity and specifity. Besides the toxicological in vitro-studies information on physico-chemical properties like solubility, surface chemistry, size, agglomeration etc. have to be considered. Target organ in humans is especially the lung.


Unit 4.3 "Toxicology"

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