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Additional mixed model analysis of a longitudinal study of two cohorts in the potash mining

Project number: F 1969 Institution: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) Status: Completed Project


A new occupational exposure limit for nitrogen monoxide is discussed in the Scientific Committee for Occupational Exposure Limit values (SCOEL) at present. However the epidemiological data about dose-response relationships are insufficient. In the longitudinal study F 5130 dose-response relationships were shown in two cohorts in the potash mining exposed to a mixture of salt dust, diesel exhaust, nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen monoxide causing an adverse effect on lung function. It wasn't possible to advice a new occupational exposure limit with the used model of analysis of dose-response-relationships up to now. The effects of the different components could only be regarded as indicators of the complex exposure. In an advanced statistical analysis the considerable material of the longitudinal study will be used to answer the question about the effects of the separate components. For this purpose dose-response relationships for both cohorts will be analysed in a combined model and heterogeneities of the effects in the mines will be clarified.


Unit 3.2 "Statistical Methods in Epidemiology and Biometrics"

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