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Mental workload in service industries: development of an analysis instrument and derivation of prevention measures

Project number: F 1912 Institution: AuG - Institut für Arbeitspsychologie und Gesundheitsforschung (Arbeitsgemeinschaft) Status: Completed Project


The change to a knowledge and service focussed economy causes the increase of jobs in the service branches. Besides the work design, the personnel competence also has an influence on possible mental load consequences. Till now, service activities in the trade or switch activities, e.g. in banks or post offices, have not been in the centre of psychological examinations. A reason for it consists in lack of corresponding analysis instruments. Project aims are the construction of a classification for interactive service activities, the ascertainment of the work situation concerning mental workload and necessary qualification prerequisites, the development of an analysis instrument and the derivation of prevention measures. Operational users get clues about a safety and health beneficial work design. Measures for the improvement on the qualification prerequisites and the competence can be taken. The new analysis instrument shall be integrated into the occupational risk assessment.


Unit 3.2 "Mental Workload and Mental Health"

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