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Research and Development Programme 2014 - 2017

With the current research programme 2014 - 2017, the focus of the previous R & D programme 2010 - 2013 will continue, but will be partly redesigned and supplemented by new topics. There is a content-wise continuity, in particular, of long-term research on the health risks of new technologies, the psychological stress in the working world and their impact on mental health and performance, and the prevention of work-related diseases of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system. In the areas of the development of concepts and instruments for risk assessment, safe products and work systems as well as for chemical safety, adjustments and clarifications were made on the basis of the results of the previous programme.

The R & D activities of the current programme relate to the following areas of strategic action:

  1. Ensure safe use of chemicals and products
  2. Design work in the company with respect to human needs
  3. Avoid work-related diseases - promote health and workability
  4. Understand the effects of a changing work environment and adapt instruments of occupational health and safety
  5. Mental health in the working world - determination of the state of the art