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All projects of the Research and development programme 2014-2017

1 Ensuring safe use of chemicals and products

1.1 Chemical safety

1.2 Safe products and work equipment

2 Adapting working conditions to the needs of humans

2.1 Innovative technologies in work equipment and work systems

2.2 Mental workload: stressors and resources

2.3 Biological and chemical hazards

2.4 Physical load, physical factors and working environment

3 Avoidance of work-related diseases - promotion of health and work ability

3.1 Work-related disorders of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems

3.2 Work, mental health and cognitive performance

3.3 Corporate integration management

4 Understanding the impact of a changing working world and developing further occupational safety and health instruments

4.1 Increasing flexibility and restructuring

4.2 Demographic change

4.3 Reporting on the working world and systematic monitoring of data on work and employees

4.4 Effects of instruments and measures of occupational safety and health

Mental health in the working world - determining the current state of scientific evidence

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