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Project Bundle 2 "Opportunities and risks of AmI in terms of safety"

Integrated, AmI-based safety solutions represent a new form of safety technology. In the production process they facilitate the close collaboration of man and machine without separating protective devices, such as protective fences, and they therefore create both a high degree of freedom of movement for the operator and a great flexibility in the process sequences. But it is not clear whether such AmI-based solutions actually improve the safety standard or only shift it to another level. It is conceivable that technical protective measures using AmI technology replace measures of inherently safe design, which would be a cause for concern in terms of safety - especially taking into account the foreseeable use (manipulation) of such measures.

The prime objective of the project bundle is therefore to assess the risk of AmI-based safety technology/safety measures and to compare the AmI solutions with inherently safe design and classic protective measures with respect to the safety level and including the foreseeable behaviour of the users (manipulation of protective devices). But AmI-based safety solutions also lead to increasing complexity in (programmable) electronic systems. With this the requirements to which such safety technology is subject are different from those for conventional safety technology. A further objective of the project bundle is therefore to determine these specific safety requirements and, in a subsequent stage, to incorporate product development (e.g. by standardisation). The project bundle is thus intended to redirect the view of the product developers away from the purely technocentric approach and towards an anthropocentric, holistic one.

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