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Development projects of the research and development programme 2010-2013

E 1 Methods and practical aids for the risk assessment

E 1.1 Simple measuring procedures and instruments suitable for practical purposes with respect to physical factors of the working environment

E 1.2 Risk assessment - biological agents

E 1.3 Development of instruments for the risk assessment of physical strains

E 1.4 Risk assessment - mental loads

E 1.5 Easy-to-use workplace control scheme for hazardous substances (EMKG)

E 2 Practical aids for products designed to be safe and healthy

E 2.1 Product safety portal

E 2.2 Decision-making aids for the purchase of safe, healthy and practicable products

E 3 Corporate health management and the work of company doctors

E 3.1 The promotion of holistic concepts of action within the framework of corporate health management

E 3.2 Models for the design and implementation of the work of company doctors and occupational health care

E 3.3 Development of preventive approaches and concepts for young workers

E 4 Specialist concepts for the risk analysis and risk regulation as contributions to the safety of chemical products

E 4.1 Tools for the assessment of health risks and occupational safety and health measures within the framework of tasks under chemicals law

E 4.2 Contributions to the precautionary strategy for nanomaterials at the workplace

E 4.3 Procedures and practical aids for biomonitoring

E 4.4 User-friendly government action und hazardous substances legislation ("Good Governance")

Further development projects

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