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European Campaign

The Healthy Workplaces Campaigns are EU-OSHA's flagship awareness-raising activity. They are the main way of getting core messages to workplaces across Europe. Meanwhile the thematic campaigns run over a period of two years and most of the main activities take part in October in the course of the so called "European weeks". The healthy workplaces campaigns are the biggest of their kind.

Their aim is to raise awareness and to address safety and health at work topics as well as offering help in operational implementation. Production and dissemination of information support at the execution and planning of events and guidance on press work and press campaigns are offered as means of sensitisation.

The Good Practice Award (GPA) embodies one of the highlights of the respective campaign. The award recognises outstanding and innovative approaches of enterprises to the issues associated with the current campaign topic.

Campaign participation

We encourage all interested organisations and individuals to join us in the campaign, but it aims in particular to work with the following groups of intermediaries to spread the word:

  • social partners (European and national);
  • policy-makers (European and national);
  • large enterprises, sectoral federations and associations of SMEs;
  • European institutions and their networks (Enterprise Europe Network);
  • European non-governmental organisations;
  • OSH professionals and their associations;
  • the OSH research community;
  • labour inspectorates and their associations;

There are many ways to get involved in this campaign for institutions and organisations. For example, you could:

  • disseminate, publicise and make use of campaign materials and the useful tools on topic (e.g. campaign guide and leaflet, PowerPoint presentations, posters, infographics and logos);
  • organise events and activities (e.g. training courses and workshops, conferences and competitions);
  • participate in the Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards;
  • take part in the European Weeks for Safety and Health at Work;
  • become an official campaign partner.

If you link your activities to the topic to the healthy workplaces campaign and want to use the logo and campaign material, EU-OSHA provides you with information and products on request.

The campaign "Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load"

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are detrimental to people's quality of life and are one of the main causes of sick leave and early retirement, having a negative impact on businesses and economies. Despite significant efforts to prevent them, work-related MSDs remain the most common work-related health problem in Europe.

With the right approach, work-related MSDs can be prevented. Tackling MSDs not only protects individual workers, but also improves business competitiveness, by reducing sickness absence and increasing productivity, and also reduces the burden on national health systems.

The Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2020-2022 aims to help tackle this problem by achieving six strategic objectives:

  1. raise awareness of work-related MSDs;
  2. promote risk assessment and management of MSDs;
  3. demonstrate that MSDs are an issue for everyone - in all types of workplaces and sectors;
  4. improve knowledge of new and emerging risks in relation to MSDs;
  5. emphasise the need to reintegrate and retain workers with chronic MSDs and how this can be done;
  6. encourage the exchange of information and good practices among relevant stakeholders.

Further information

Visit the campaign website for more information to help you promote and support the campaign, for example:

  • the campaign guide;
  • reports, info sheets and OSHwiki articles;
  • the campaign toolkit and other information material;
  • tools, infographics, audio-visual materials and good practice guidance;
  • Napo videos and training resources.

Important dates

European campaign launch: 12 October 2020

National campaign launch in cooperation with the musculoskeletal strains work programme of GDA: 2 March 2021 - DASA, Dortmund

Results of the Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards: April 2022

Healthy Workplaces Summit with award ceremony of the GPA: November 2022

Further dates will be added as soon as they are available.

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