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The interactive exhibition about food

The DASA Working World Exhibition is revealing how food gets onto our plates, who is involved, and what they do in a new interactive exhibition that opens on 29 October. It is bringing FOODPRINTS to Dortmund, an exhibition created by the Vienna Museum of Science and Technology and conceived as an inspiring tour round a rather unconventional supermarket.

Date 2022-09-23

The photo shows two young people in the presentation kitchen. The young people are looking into an empty cooking pot. With samples to taste and multimedia installations to explore, visitors to DASA will find out all about what their meals are made of., © Arman Rastegar

The exhibition’s roughly 800 square metres of displays focus on questions about food production and its ecological life-cycle costs, the resources that go into the things we eat, and what ingredients could make our food system more appetising in future. FOODPRINTS therefore offers a multifaceted journey through the history and future of technology and food. With samples to taste, multimedia installations to explore, and a healthy portion of cultural history, visitors to DASA will find out all about what our meals are made of and, not least, the work processes by which they are produced.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is the tasteLAB. This interactive educational space features a presentation kitchen for live demonstrations where DASA will be serving up a couple of tasting sessions every day, including unusual culinary challenges such as chocolate with insects in it. Visitors can also snack on bite-sized pieces of information and pick up climate-friendly recipe ideas to try out at home.

FOODPRINTS is part of a European cooperation between the Vienna Museum of Science and Technology, the Science Park in Granada, and DASA at Dortmund. The aim is to promote international dialogue and environmentally benign museum practices while placing the emphasis on content about sustainability and innovation.

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