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New truck cab at DASA

The DASA Working World Exhibition's Transport and Traffic section has a fresh attraction: a brand-new driver's cab that brings the world of "truckers" to life.

Date 2022-02-04

A brand-new driver’s cab brings the world of “truckers” to life. A brand-new driver’s cab brings the world of “truckers” to life., © DASA

Visitors to DASA are now able to literally take their seat in an otherwise hidden work environment. When they climb the broad steps up to the truck cab, they are met by a 360-degree experience packed with unexpected comforts for the many hours drivers spend on the road.

A tremendous amount of attention is paid to good sitting posture, clear visibility, and ease of steering when the most modern truck cabs are being designed. From the turning assistant to cameras covering all angles and a lane-keeping system, this cockpit leaves nothing to be desired. Developed hand in hand with working drivers, it showcases the state of the art of safety and occupational health technology.

The cab is a welcome addition to the exhibition, complementing the nearby truck simulator, a popular exhibit that boasts all sorts of sophisticated features and gives the uninitiated a chance to find out what driving a truck really feels like.

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