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DASA exhibition: Now brand new - new media

Faster, more colourful, more digital. Starting mid-January 2020, discover the world of the new media here with us in a new light.

We invite you to experience an amazing new world of data - and will show you new viewing habits and patterns of behaviour that have long since been part of everyday life.

Date 2020-02-05

Illustration shows a colorful collage of different graphics. From manual typesetting to desktop publishing - the new area for digital media at DASA, © Carnovsky

The world continues to revolve almost exclusively around the major trends of "digitalisation" and "globalisation".

But how do those for whom "new media" are their bread and butter actually work? What is it like to work in the world of YouTube, online editing, among influencers and conventional journalists?

Part of the DASA Working World Exhibition


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