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DASA exhibition: Ready? Go!

From the 27th of September: The Story of Sports & Technology

Date 2019-09-12

pole vaulter Technology makes it possible, © Bernhard Kunz

Welcome to the world of competition! At the "Ready? Go!" exhibition at the DASA in Dortmund, everything revolves around sport. It's a key part of many people's lives: even those who don’t partake in sports themselves - whether in the gym, the great outdoors or in a sports club - follow the action with the leading stars from the world of sports on the screen. The quest for setting new world records, though, is a fairly new development: from the stopwatch through to video analyses of entire game sequences - technology makes it all possible.

Until 19 April 2020 and on 800 square metres of exhibition space, "Ready? Go!" is presenting the many interrelations between sport, technology and society - from the beginnings in the 19th century to the present day. An interactive tour takes the visitors through a stadium - with a running track, grandstand and six stops, where the focus is on the omnipresent "higher, faster and further". Curios from the world of sport of yesteryear as well as various technical highlights tell many a story.

An exhibition of the TECHNOSEUM, Mannheim

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