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Website of the REACH-CLP-Biozid helpdesk updated

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The REACH-CLP-Biozid helpdesk at the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is launching a new look for its website. It isn’t just the design that has changed, however. The new, revised website offers new benefits as well. It has a clear and modern format, with the respective information also being easy to read on mobile devices.

Date 2019-01-30

Clear offers

The structure of the new website of the REACH-CLP-Biozid helpdesk is oriented to the three regulations of the European law on chemicals. The website presents the latest information on the respective regulation in a clear format. Each of these topics is accompanied by a short and informative introduction. New in this context is the section concerning the regulation of nanoforms under REACH. These are followed by detailed background information about the processes. At the subordinate levels, as usual, users can find specific technical information, guidance and publications. The streamlined navigation allows users to find the information they are seeking simply by scrolling and clicking. The online offer also has an improved search function. New notifications and information now appear prominently on the homepage.

Works on all devices

Increasing numbers of users browse the internet with mobile devices. This is why the website is implemented with a responsive design in which the structure adapts to the display. This enables the contents of the website to be read easily on all devices, whether a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop PC. With the long-pager concept, the information is brought together on one page and the user is guided through the website.

De-cluttered and updated

In the course of the website's redesign, a significant amount of information has been rearranged and updated. In the interest of clarity, the most important information is provided first. In this way, all interested and affected groups are able to make use of a modern and contemporary website covering the processes in European chemicals law. The new website is available at the old address,

The REACH-CLP-Biozid helpdesk, which has been established at the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in Dortmund, is the nationwide information point for manufacturers, importers and users of chemical substances and biocide products. It consists of a network of experts from the authorities of the federal German government, providing specific information and expert knowledge.


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