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Policy Matters / Internal Auditing Management Division

The Policy Matters / Internal Auditing Management Division is divided into the task areas of Policy Matters and Internal Auditing.

The Policy Matters section performs the tasks of the Legal Department (except in matters relating to chemicals legislation).

To guarantee the right to freedom of information, it acts as a central point of contact for requests under the Freedom of Information Act (IFG). Furthermore, it supports the President in the preparation of decisions and measures and processes tasks of fundamental significance.

The Internal Auditing section serves to self-monitor regulatory actions and carries out process-independent audits of the functionality, efficacy, efficiency and regularity of governance and organisational measures within BAuA. The Internal Auditing section coordinates cooperation with external financial control and ensures the implementation of audit results.

As an important instrument for the prevention of corruption, the Internal Auditing section performs tasks aimed at preventing and combating corruption in accordance with the Federal Government's guidelines.


RD Alexander Hohmann

Head of unit Policy Matters / Internal Auditing Management Divsion

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