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Unit 4.5 Particulate Hazardous Substances, Advanced Materials

The unit does research and assessment on occupational safety aspects for activities with particulate hazardous substances, like nanomaterials, and other advanced materials. It identifies open questions, initiates research activities and conducts own research and development work.

Within national and international collaborations, the unit answers questions with a focus on exposure and material morphology. Based on these results the unit participates in the development of pre-regulatory test and precaution strategies to protect employees in an early state of material innovation.

Currently, the unit focusses on the following tasks:

  • Conducting work place measurements to assess the exposure towards particles in the respiratory tract at workplaces
  • Research on the dustiness behaviour of nano-scaled and other advanced bulk materials
  • Development and standardization of methods for specific aerosol generation, especially of fibrous nanomaterials
  • Development of methods for the morphological characterization of dust particles from nanomaterials and advanced materials and further to determine the effects of such materials
  • Development and validation of measurement methods to determine personal exposure
  • Developing and testing of concepts to arrange for low emission workplaces and a safe handling of nanomaterials
  • Contribution to the further development of regulations and recommendations for the marketing and use of advanced materials

To answer current occupational health relevant questions related to particulate hazardous substances and advanced materials, the unit operates up-to-date equipment for aerosol measurement, particle analysis and imaging and relies on the long-time expertise of its members.


WissD'in Sabine Plitzko

Head of Unit 4.5 Particulate Hazardous Substances, Advanced Materials

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