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Unit 3.6 Workplace Interventions and Transfer

The key activities of unit 3.6 "Workplace interventions and transfer" are research on workplace interventions and the transfer of knowledge about the design of safe and healthy workplaces to disseminators in occupational safety and health, e.g. employers, health and safety officers, agents of accident insurances and representatives of public authorities responsible for safety and health at work. Thus, the unit contributes to work on two core strategic tasks of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA).

Workplace intervention

Research on interventions - as currently conducted in BAuA's different divisions and units - is multifaceted with regard to terminology, methods and topics. Unit 3.6 - located at the Dresden site - aims at consolidating knowledge on "workplace intervention", both within division 3 as well as across BAuA's divisions. It supports the professional and methodological exchange within BAuA, pursuing the following goals:

  • gathering, systematizing, evaluating and refining knowledge on methods and ways of proceeding with regard to workplace interventions and transfer,
  • systematizing knowledge about factors and principles as well as further conditions determining the effectiveness of an intervention (e.g. How does an intervention work and why is it effective [or not]? Which conditions determine the effectiveness of an intervention?) and
  • deriving standards for good workplace interventions.

At the same time, unit 3.6 conducts its own research on workplace interventions. It especially focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and their ways of handling work-related psychological risk factors.


Closely related to their research on workplace interventions are unit 3.6's transfer activities. The transfer aims at transposing BAuA's research findings on occupational safety and health into the working world. This transfer has two key aspects: On the one hand, it focuses on the region of Central Germany (i.e. Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia) whereupon predominantly small and medium-sized enterprises are in the centre of interest. On the other hand, the transfer refers to the public health sector as a substantial target group of activities associated with safety and health at work.

The transfer approaches comprise specialist events (e.g. Occupational safety and health colloquium, Workshop for health and safety officers, Dresden meeting for health and safety at work), regional collaborations and networking activities and the professional monitoring of workplace intervention projects conducted within the framework of the Initiative New Quality of Work (INQA).

Due to its long-time experience in the field of transfer, unit 3.6 is well interconnected in the region of Central Germany. This is, firstly, a good basis for research on workplace interventions since needs and requirements of companies may, thus, be well integrated in the work design process. It is, secondly, a good foundation for transfer, insofar as new knowledge on the design of safe and healthy work may be directly transferred into the working world. Above the aforementioned activities, unit 3.6 actively contributes its knowledge on the design of safe and healthy workplaces into the Joint German Occupational Safety and Health Strategy (GDA).


Dr Ulrike Rösler

Head of Unit 3.6 Workplace Interventions and Transfer

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