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The Mobbing Report - A representative study for the Federal Republic of Germany

The Mobbing Report presents the results of a representative study on the phenomenon of mobbing in the workplace. It analyses both data on the extent and the structure of cases of mobbing. Bases on a definition of mobbing, quotas of those affected are quantified, differentiated according to gender, age, vocational groups, sectors as well as status and position levels of the persons involved. It describes the hostilities with which those mobbed are confronted, how often and how long they are attacked and what the consequences of mobbing are both for the affected and for the mobbers. In addition it shows the strategies that the affected choose to deal with the problem. Furthermore the backgrounds and underlying motives of those factors favouring (in-company) mobbing are illuminated and ascertained. In the conclusion recommendations for prevention are offered.

Meschkutat, B.; Stackelbeck, M.; Langenhoff, G.:
The Mobbing Report - A representative study for the Federal Republic of Germany. 
1. edition. Bremerhaven: Wirtschaftsverlag NW Verlag für neue Wissenschaft GmbH 2002. 
(Schriftenreihe der Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin: Forschungsbericht, Fb 951)
ISBN: 3-89701-822-5, 160 pages, Papier, PDF-Datei

Signatures of the BAuA library:
B 03134/F 951; D 03134/F 951; 0590/422

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