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Policy Advice

The scientific policy advice is a core task of the BAuA. As a federal research institution in the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS), the BAuA has the task to achieve the transfer of knowledge from science to political practice.

It is therefore one of the main tasks of policy advice to provide technical expertise and comprehensive consulting services, for inquiries by the Federal Government, the Bundestag, the social partners or by European and international organisations, on questions on the subject of health and safety at work. Expert reports, position papers, concept papers, reports and analyses usually provide the scientific policy advice on special political issues. Concerning direct advice, such as requests by parliamentarians or parties in the Bundestag or for inquiries of other constitutional bodies, the BAuA is actively involved in the social discourse as a neutral and competent research institute of the federal government and has an intermediary role between science and politics.

In addition to special political and interdisciplinary policy advice, a further task is to identify future areas of action in the field of safety and health at work. Here expert knowledge is proactively provided to the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and other sources of policy advice.

In the context of the scientific policy advice the BAuA participates in shaping public opinion in the field of safety and health at work through technical contributions to policy-related associations, organisations, initiatives and charities. The goal is to increasingly embed health and safety into larger social and socio-economic contexts. A denser network is sought within the federal research institutions and partner organisations, as well as efficient and common processes of discovering new issues right through to new consulting products.

Finally, the policy advice in the BAuA is involved in interest mediation in the political sphere. The aim is to further develop political communication with relevant institutions and decision-makers in politics, science, economy, and society. It is an important task of the BAuA to directly, continuously and reliably provide retrievable expertise to decision-makers in politics and society.