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New Quality of Work Initiative (INQA)

The New Quality of Work Initiative (INQA) was launched as a joint undertaking in 2002 by the German federal government, the federal states, social insurance institutions, social partners and foundations. The aim of the project was to promote a better quality of work as a key factor for sustaining competitiveness and the innovative capacity of businesses in Germany over the long term.

Today, the initiative coordinates the activities of those responsible for employment issues in Germany and provides an independent platform for a constructive exchange of information and ideas on business practice. Under the auspices of the initiative, supported by the Federal Ministry of Work and Social Affairs, political, economic, scientific and social representatives focus on the question of how to create working conditions that are both attractive to employees and economically viable for the companies.

Even after ten years this issue is still highly relevant, especially in face of the demographic developments in Germany where the shortage of skilled workers is making it increasingly important for companies to provide a healthy and motivating working environment for their employees.

To maintain the debate on the quality of work in Germany and the development of an employee oriented enterprise culture, the initiative has sharpened its profile by undergoing a repositioning process. In future INQA will focus on four areas of personnel policy: personnel management, equal opportunity & diversity, health, knowledge and skills.

During the repositioning process, the image of the project has changed. Since April 2012, it has a new logo and a revised corporate design. The internet platform has also been redesigned. With just a few clicks, the user can find out about the initiative and details on what is provided. In addition to current information, guidelines, tools for practice, information about events and a data bank with models of good practice, there are also over 150 publications available to download or order. The website also provides information about the project funding and other on-going projects. Opportunities for exchanging information are available in the expert and company networks, regional cooperation programmes and annual network meetings.

Since the very beginning, the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) has supported the New Quality of Work Initiative. The specialized groups at the BAuA are involved in the tendering processes and the selection of projects and provide the professional support relevant to their areas of competence. The BAuA continues to monitor the INQA network activities and support the expert networks in their fields of expertise. The administrative office has an important role to play as well and has also been situated at the BAuA right from the start.
In addition to the various coordination activities, the administrative office is responsible for the editorial maintenance of the website and the good practice databank, the publishing activity for INQA (editorial, proof reading, production and marketing of professional publications) as well as for presenting the initiative at trade fairs and other events.