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Control Guidance Sheets for frequent activities with hazardous substances (CGS)

To support the implementation of the German Hazardous Substances Ordinance in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) of the chemical industry, a code of good practice for recurring activities with hazardous substances was developed in a research project. This project was conducted jointly by the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) and the German Employers' Liability Insurance Association for the Chemical Industry (BG Chemie).

Control Guidance Sheets describe typical, recurrent activities such as weighing and refilling in a company of the chemical industry. They give practical advice on how to avoid or minimize the hazard for workers. The Easy-to-Use Workplace Control Scheme for Hazardous Substances (EMKG) can be used to select the appropriate control guidance sheets for a given workplace situation.

The Control Guidance Sheets are not yet translated completely. In the meantime you can find here a synopsis of English control guidance sheets from the International Chemical Control Toolkit and COSHH Essentials.

Control Guidance Sheets
120Skin protection - Basic safety precautions (PDF file, 34 KB)
130Printing, copying (PDF file, 93 KB)
pc-170General fire prevention measures - basic requirements (Draft) (PDF file, 153 KB)
250Skin protection - Extended safety precautions (PDF file, 51 KB)
260Maintenance and servicing routine at printers and copiers (PDF file, 53 KB)

CGS for Biocidal Products

A line of specific Control Guidance Sheets has been developed for the use of biocidal products belonging to the product types wood preservatives, insecticides and rodenticides. They can by identified by a four-digit number preceded by the letters "BP". The first digit of the number specifies the level of the described measures (BP 1xxx = generic measures, BP 2xxx = measures for specific uses), the next two digits contain the product type according to the EU Biocidal Products Regulation, and the last digit is a consecutive number for the individual Control Guidance Sheets.

1. Wood preservatives
BP 1081Preventive wood preservation: basic measures (PDF file, 35 KB)
BP 1082Curative wood preservation: basic measures (PDF file, 41 KB)
BP 2081Wood preservatives: brushing, rolling, filling and wiping (PDF file, 36 KB)
BP 2082Wood preservatives: curative wood preservation in spray applications (PDF file, 47 KB)
BP 2083Application of wood preservatives in open systems (PDF file, 52 KB)
BP 2084Application of wood preservatives in closed systems (PDF file, 54 KB)

2. Rodenticides
BP 1141Control of rodent pests: basic measures (PDF file, 36 KB)
BP 2141Control of rodent pests: placing pourable bait (PDF file, 44 KB)
BP 2142Control of rodent pests: placing shaped bait and pastes (PDF file, 44 KB)
BP 2143Control of rodent pests: applying foams (PDF file, 45 KB)

3. Insecticides
BP 1181Control of insects: basic measures (PDF file, 39 KB)
BP 2181Control of insects: granulates (ready-for-use) (PDF file, 32 KB)
BP 2182Control of insects: brushing (PDF file, 37 KB)
BP 2183Control of insects: spraying (PDF file, 39 KB)
BP 2184Control of insects: gels, pastes (PDF file, 36 KB)
BP 2185Control of insects: watering can or dispenser trolley (PDF file, 54 KB)