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Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields are being used increasingly for material processing and communication in modern industrial plants and many areas of the daily life. Persons are exposed to homogeneous or inhomogeneous, continuous-wave (CW) or pulsed electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields in a wide frequency range.

The work of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) is focused on the analysis, evaluation and design of products and work systems which protect health and safety of their users with regard to exposures to electromagnetic fields. This unit is also involved in committee and standardization work on the national and European level in order to protect workers from disturbing influences or adverse health effects arising from exposures to electromagnetic fields.

Interference with active or passive medical implants caused by electromagnetic fields is also an important work topic, in order to ensure the safety of the bearer of those implants in an electromagnetic environment and on the other hand, not to exclude persons of this group from the active workforce without a good reason.

Main focus of our activities is on advice and support of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs regarding questions on the specific application, further development and implementation of rules and regulations concerning the protection of workers against possible harmful effects of electromagnetic fields. This includes the improvement of methods for detecting and evaluating risks especially linked to the introduction of new processes and technologies.


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