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Project Bundles Ambient Intelligence (AmI)

Adaptive work assistance systems (AAS) - Ambient Intelligence in the world of work

In its research and development programme for 2010 to 2013 Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) has announced as one of its priority research topics new information and communication technologies in the working environment (Ambient Intelligence - AmI). It is thus tackling the need for research highlighted in the future report "Work in the Future - Structures and Trends of Industrial Work" of the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB) with respect to the two key technologies of "bio- and nanotechnology" and "ambient intelligence". This was developed further with a view to occupational safety and health and occupational medicine. The focus of the research at BAuA will be the technology assessment with respect to opportunities and risks of new I&C technologies in the working environment and their impact on work systems.

Overview of BAuA's research activities in the field of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) including six project bundles

This figure gives an overview of the current project bundles or projects relating to the focal topic of "ambient intelligence". It also makes clear that BAuA distinguishes between AmI-based products and the application of AmI systems in the working environment, at present primarily environmental control. Higher level questions concern the work-psychological and medical impact of AmI-based technologies, the safety of such systems and ethical matters relating to their application.

All project bundles subsumed in the focal topic of AmI pursue the common objective of ascertaining and evaluating opportunities and risks of AmI-based work assistance systems in terms of work science and occupational medicine. This should be taken to cover effects both on people in the work process (health and performance) and on the work system (safety, efficiency). In this respect all projects or project bundles make a contribution to the technology assessment of AmI-based systems.

Below the individual project bundles are characterised briefly. Most of the projects are handled as BAuA's own research and supported by external research contracted extramurally. At this point invitations to tender are being prepared.