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Keeping an eye on safety - Protection against laser radiation

Cover of the Brochure "Keeping an eye on safety - Protection against laser radiation"

Lasers are an indispensable part of today's world. Since the experimental development of the first laser by the American physicist Theodore Maiman in 1960, lasers are increasingly gaining in importance in research and medicine, industry and commerce, in information and communication technology and in entertainment. The number of employees working with lasers is constantly increasing. There are also more and more lasers in private households. Laser printers, CD and DVD players have already been used for years; also, laser rangefinders and laser levels are part of the "arsenal" of many handymen. Laser pointers in some school bags are unfortunately not used only as a modern pointer. Given the rapid expansion of laser applications, it becomes increasingly important to be adequately informed about the safe use of lasers, both for professionals and for consumers.

In addition to general information about laser radiation, applications of lasers and possible harmful effects of laser radiation on humans, this brochure also contains the currently valid laser classification. This classification provides laser users with important information about possible hazards and protective measures.

The second part of the brochure provides an overview of three research projects initiated by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA).

Keeping an eye on safety - Protection against laser radiation. 
1. edition. Dortmund: 2013. 
ISBN: 978-3-88261-733-7, pp. 32, paper, pdf file
link to document (PDF file, 943 KB)

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